Intellijel modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc

I’m a big fan of Intellijel and agree with others - if I had to have only one brand, it would likely be them. The general, simple to use UI is definitely key and their cases are fantastic (I have two 7Us).

Have to admit that I have moved away from the digital modules with screens. At one point had 2 Plonks and a Rainmaker, all sold - but this is more a reflection of me as their UIs are well laid out. Rather I have sold off pretty much all modules I had that have screens of any form, including an ER301, General CV etc.

But I love Atlantis, the Dixies (have 5!), the ADSR (have 2), Tetrapad (can’t wait for Tete), uVCF, Polaris,

Do wish there was more 1U compatible modules out there.

I also think Intellijel need a shoutout for their customer support and engagement with the community. I have had to send one module back for service, and this was well managed. And Danjel and others are frequently in the forums. They do what they say, say what they do. I’d never hesitate to recommend them to anyone new to this. You can’t go wrong!


I’ve evolved my case from lots of brands to almost all Intellijel. I find their modules extremely intuitive and very deep. I love the look and feel, I love the knobs, the sound, everything. Shapeshifter is my secret weapon in every patch I use. I find it funny how Make Noise is making waves by creating “stereo” modules in the past few months when Intellijel has been doing stereo for years.

I also love the consistency in their analog oscillators. I’ve had other brands in the past, and each patch I had to tune them as they would drift. Intellijel’s oscillators only need minor tuning here and there, if at all. I love it.

Plus 1U! So much utility!

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I’m a huge fan of Intellijel. Every module I’ve used of their’s is really well built and does exactly what it is supposed to. Currently own a Polaris, Mixup, Quad VCA, Scales, 1u Steppy, 2 Quadratts, Noise Tools, Digitank, and Audio Interface. Used to have a Metropolis and will probably own one again eventually. I’m a big fan of the interfaces. All of them are really intuitive for how deep they can be (Scales may be the least intuitive of the bunch but still not bad).

Their cases are also extremely solid, I have both a 7u 104hp case and a Palette.

Atlantis and Rainmaker are both on my wishlist too! Could easily see myself having one of every Intellijel module.

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I’ve had uScales 2 for almost four years now. I bought it second hand with a trigger out mod looking like this:

Today I pulled the trigger (no pun intended) and me and my none soldering skills made it work. Such a simple mod but it really means a nice upgrade for this module.

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Can you explain more about what this mod does / where to find info on this? A trigger input for latching the quantizer makes sense to me but I’m not certain what a trigger output would do, and am not having a lot of luck searching forums or the manual.

Some quantizers (the Doepfer a-156 for instance) output a trigger every time a note change occurs. Its really useful for creating off-the-grid (pseudo) arpeggios among other things. Use division of your main clock to trigger an (attenuated) envelope and input that into your quantizer. Based on the slope of the envelope you will get different rhythms for your arpeggios. This is the one feature I really miss about the a-156 - I used it all the time - so I could see how cool it would be on the uScale since it is more flexible than the a-156 in terms of scales etc.


I am also curious as to how this mod works, I’ve never seen it before.

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Scales (successor to uScale) also addresses this and more

But like Kamil, I’m curious about the mod :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this delivers nothing more than just a trigger out but that is a great thing though.
According to the person that sold this module to me, he just emailed @intellijel and asked if there was a way to let this module do this. He shipped it over to them and they did it. @intellijel told me that this was made way back in 2013.


Quick Follow-up—

I’ll be doing a Live stream on YouTube next week Thursday, 2pm Dec. 12 for the Tête Launch. Watch on our YouTube Page:

I’ll be taking questions, doing audio demos, and will talk about how the module works and the software/user interface design.



In the spirit of this thread, I’ll add this seems like a smart addition. A straight-forward implementation of 3 desirable effects; though I’m a little sad there’s no 6hp equivalent.


20 characters of wow!

Also appears to be a pair of an as-yet-unannounced mono 1u VCA next to these!

20 characters of LPG :slight_smile:


!!! Literally just had the thought “it’s so strange there’s an LPG-sized hole in their lineup…”


Just got my Quadrax in the mail after agonizing for months what to buy. Can’t wait to finish my present project so I can work it into my case.

anybody else want a palette case joiner, like frap tools plus style? or maybe a double length palette?


I got mine a long time ago, but I’m really just getting to it now. The bounce mode is a bit whacky to “tune”, but if still feels like a pretty quintessential module.

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Burst mode was redesigned in the v1.1 to be much more playable :). Also new, @kisielk’s LFV is a great drifting modulation source.

FWIW Intellijel is considering doing a 104hp Palette