Intellijel rainmaker

in the special preset mode where it becomes the I2C master and does USB MIDI

I2C you say? OK, I have no idea how desirable or feasible this would be but has anyone considered adding Rainmaker control to the Teletype firmware.

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It’s not really feasible, the FPGA doesn’t accept any kind of instructions over the I2C bus and its capacity is maxed out so it’s unlikely such a feature could be added. It would take a pretty big redesign to do something like that.

@HateNames please do start a Euro delay thread! I don’t have much to contribute, but I’m curious to know folks’ experiences.

I’ve just bought a Rainmaker again. @kisielk, it’s your responsibility. :smiley:

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4ms asked my work to make a demo for the Tapo which I got to do :smiley:

It’s a very cool module that can do some very wonderful and sometimes bizarre effects. I think it awards restraint to get the best results as it can be a bit much. Would be amazing as a performs tool with practice.

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I had the module and i loved it (once they upgrade the firmware to solve the hard clipping problem). My synth voice was based in shapeshifter and rainmaker and i have to say that the possibilities are endless. It’s by far the best sounding DSP module i have tried. For the negative aspects i have to say that both these modules are not “musical insteuments” at all: the interface, menu, buttons are not musical at all. They don’t inspire you to make music, they seem more like lab equipment.
My advice is to try it for sure, but keep in mind that you have to use them with a scientific mind, more than a creative/musical one.


Did you ever try out the Mungo products with Storage Strip? It fixes the saving issues and is great addition to the 0-series

If one would have to choose between Rainmaker and Echophon, which one would you prefer?

I think I would prefer the Magneto then. Or the DLD.

When I started with a Shared System years ago and did not like the sound of the Echophon very much plus its main feature, the pitch shifting got worn off pretty quickly for me. Maybe it’s just me but I found everything I did with it sounding somehow silly at a point. I never played with a Rainmaker but from the demos it seems to me that it would end up the same pretty soon.

Over time I parted with all the fancy digital modules I got excited about when they came out and got back to oscillators, delay, reverb and maybe a filter or a wavefolder. The digital wave in modular does not shake me anymore (apart from momone like CV concepts and ER-301 like sampling of course).

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Has anyone made a simple tape delay patch with it? Love the comb filter and KP stuff but sometimes I just want a delay that gets dirtier and grittier with each repeat like my Clouds does in lo-fi looping delay mode.

I just took delivery of a Rainmaker, after watching the mylarmelodies video which convinced me that the UI was something I could work with. And it is, I think it is excellent, and I don’t say that very often.
The first thing to really impress me is the sound. It doesn’t sound like tape, it isn’t trying to, it just sounds lovely, very musical to my ears. Being able to have v/oct control over the comb is great.
For the record, I just bought and then almost immediately sold a Magneto, they seriously need to hire someone like @kisielk who knows modular. It sounds fantastic but it is incredibly poorly thought out. If I’d kept it I would have smashed it.


Just got a rainmaker and this thing is amazing. I’ve been trying to see if there is anyway to have bitrate reduction or similar to get some lofi repeats. Is there anyway in the current firmware or maybe a possible addition in an update?

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No way that I’m aware of. I’m not sure if there’s room to add it in the firmware (the FPGA is pretty full) but I can ask Jim (Cylonix) if / when he is doing more updates if it possible.


That would be wonderful if you could ask. I know I can feed it with a bit reduced signal but having it effect just the delays would be fantastic.

I sold my Rainmaker. Not because it isn’t great, but my system was too big…
Re - Magneto - it looks like the new(ish) pedal Volante has the sound without the PITA. I think I’ll give it a try, it’s basically 2 El Capistans in sync + more fun.

I should have mentioned that, although it is nowhere near as sophisticated as Rainmaker, I have been using Eventide Pitch Factor to achieve simple tuned echoes, and I’m really happy with it. Simple is often better for me.

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I just gone one from Big City Music, and it looks like they have more in stock.

I’m sick and haven’t had a lot of energy to put into it, but I had a quick spin with it yesterday. After watching the Intellijel and Mylar Melodies videos on it a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t need to refer to the manual to navigate around at all. It’s complex but not difficult to work with.

I’ve never owned any Strymon gear so I can’t say. I hadn’t messed with modulation much yet, but playing with it now (an excuse to learn more about it):

  • on the 16-tap side there’s a built-in LFO for delay time, which sounds as chorus-like as one would expect.

  • modulating the tap delay pitch shift can’t be done internally, though you can sort of fake it with multiple taps detuned differently. Modulating it externally requires a very light touch and can still easily sound artificial and glitchy, depending on the grain settings. I was sometimes able to dial it in for an interesting effect, but not particularly tape-like.

  • on the comb side, modulation (via another internal LFO, or externally) is more flanger-like – and definitely can sound tape-like to me, especially if you’re combining it with the delay. This can introduce noise, depending on the comb patterns/settings, but even the noisiest ones can sound good with the right material.

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Hey Y’all, we’re testing a new release of the RM Firmware over at the intellijel forums. Stable in our testing so far.