Intellijel Tetrapad + i2C

One of the NAMM surprises for me:

Touch-based interface. Manual CV, Chords, patterns, etc. Has i2c on the back, with mention of hopeful Monome compatibility. Multiple Tetrapads can be chained.

EDIT: start at 2:45


danjel asked me what the i2c pinout was, but we were both busy enough that the conversation didn’t get further-- so this is a surprise to me as well.


gassing for plonk now too
aaaaaaack this is why i avoid namm clips!

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Hope the i2c family grows. Audio damage had mentioned possible intergration with their sampler.

Looking at the panel (no labels on the center buttons), I imagine that this might be a nearly-finished prototype.

The hardware design is nearly final, still a lot of work to be done with the firmware, it’s definitely in the pre-alpha stage. There are I2C headers for chaining them together and also for adding some kind of master controller modules. Haven’t started anything yet in that vein, but we’ve talked about trying to some integration with Monome modules like Teletype. We initially had a different header layout but figured it would make sense to switch to the same and leave that option open :slight_smile:

I’d also love to solicit some ideas for functional modes from people as well.


@kisielk, any chance to disclose HPs and rough dates for the announced 1U modules?
was looking for them on modulargrid but it’s probably too early :slight_smile:
sorry, back to Tetrapad…

Immediate kneejerk idea for a mode: frictional sliders. If you’ve used a Lemur (or the Lemur app), it would work like that. The current sliders (in one of the demonstrated modes) either hold their current position or snap back to zero. On the Lemur, you can decide how quickly the slider jumps back to zero. Clicking the encoder could change between unipolar and bipolar sliders. Turning the encoder would determine the springiness of the slider.

Another idea would be a gesture recorder like the LS1 ( Holding the encoder down would turn on the recorder.

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That’s a great idea! Currently the turn of the encoders has no function in that mode, so that would be a nice addition. Clicking them engages latch mode. I’ll figure out a good way to switch them to bipolar. Perhaps holding shift (the red button) and clicking the encoder could do it.

There’s 5 1U modules:

  • Clock+noise / S/T&H / Slew 1U (Still don’t have a real name for this yet)
  • Headphones 1U
  • Digitank 1U (simple digital reverb)
  • Buff mult 1U
  • Line in 1U

They’re all pretty much ready to go so should be shipping soon I have no idea of the HP though :slight_smile:


+1 for this! and if so, hopefully a longer record buffer than the LS1

Yes, I had an idea to do that (didn’t know about the LS1 though). I’ll have to see what’s possible given the memory constraints.

A spring mode that put out a gate at every bounce , a cv based on position, and got more "tense " towards the top of the fader.

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Quad MLR mode…

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Tetrapad looks interesting for sure. I can just imagine controlling this thing with the teletype, all those outputs! :smiley:

Nice meeting you at NAMM! Thanks for showing me the modules.

For everyone else: the Tetrapad has an excellent feel. The pads on it are highly responsive. It’s going to be a great fit for my Monome control/sequencing row.

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Was great to meet you as well, thanks for coming by!

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If anyone wants to watch me talk about Tetrapad and some other new Intellijel stuff, there’s a video here:


Nothing really new there, but thanks !
The Plonk, Shifty and Tetrapad didn’tmake a big impression on me at first, but the more i think of them, the more i like them…
I just wished the Plonk had more than 2 voices. How many HP is it ? Any way to spread the “polyphony” across 2 Plonks ? (Appart from using Shifty of course !)

well, they had the rainmaker last year :smiley:.

while I partly agree, I think it’s quite impressive what Intellijel has to offer in their ecosystem!

but the tetrapad is quite cool and some concepts innovative too. will keep in mind… even more so if someday TT i2c connectivity would appear… bidirectional would be more attractive though I think.

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