Intellijel TSP80W for grid+arc

does anyone use intellijel TPS 80W as power source?

do you think is enough for 6u (1600/1700ma) + grid + arc?

I use it for a 6u with white whale and earthsea
And I have some mungo drawing even more 5v
But of course it always depends on what you’ve got going on
But doesn’t the grid “only” draw around 700 mA at max when using the old trilogy modules

i’m using two ansible, maybe in the future a earthsea

I guess it should be fine.
TSP80W has 3A on both the +12v and -12v each and 1,5A on 5v so it should be fine
And ansible doesn’t draw 5v as far as I know

I have a 7U/104HP with the TPS80WMAX (same guts, more headers). It’s got the Teletype, 2 Ansibles, a Grid and an Arc hooked up, in addition to the rest of the full case, no problems here.

Of note, I’ve noticed that the Teletype also powers my grid with no additional power supply when using @scanner_darkly’s grid firmware.

see warning below

i would still recommend using grid with teletype only when powering the grid externally. teletype is not able to supply enough power, so based on how many LEDs are lit it might still shut down (and there is a chance it can cause some damage to teletype - even if not likely it’s better to be careful).

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fwiw i use TPS80WMax with two grids simultaneously pretty much every day.

since you have a 7u case one good option to power grid for teletype could be using a 1u USB tile with offworld (haven’t tried it myself but pretty sure that should work fine)

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Yeah, I’ve got these (below) at home, but in my quick tests it was working without them, I’ll make a full grid of max LEDs and plug it in.

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Yep, no issues with the power Y cable (above) into the 1U USB power from inteillijel.


G.REC 0 0 16 8 16 16