Interest Check: Faderbank Run


I feel like this has been talked about in a few different places on lines, but I’m a little lost. If you compile the firmware this way, can you still have Teletype take control of the other modules? In other words “multi-master”

For example, it’d be useful to have 16n default to sending cv out of TXo, but make the TXo outs do other things with a teletype command that targets them. That being said, this isn’t the most important use case, as the 16n has CV outs for the faders built in.


I’ve had things running on the bus at the same time, but at this juncture the Teletype will hang at some point if it is also doing i2c things. It lasts longer if you aren’t addressing the same devices, but I can still get it to lock up in that situation. Haven’t done any investigation beyond that.


i don’t know the details of how i2c works, and i was wondering if it is possible (for example) to have a 16n sending (via i2c) CV values to an ER-301 (say CV 0-15) and at the same type having the teletype sending other trig and CV (via i2c) to the same ER-301 (say CV 16-100) ?

aka having two “i2c master devices” adressing different “variables” on a single “slave” device ?

edit: nevermind, i saw the same question answered on O|D forum. (the answer being, it would sort of work but might lock up).


Holy cripes. Just registered to register my interest in the faderbank and txb module. Exactly what I’m looking for to pair with ER301. Would prefer built, could deal with a kit.


Hi, I also joined to follow this thread with interest. looking forward to hearing the price, or diy kit price if it will be available.



Mmmm been following this for a while but realized I haven’t yet put down my interest in a kit.

Consider this my expression of interest :slight_smile:


I have been using an external 8 fader box w/ an FH-1 in my modular and like not taking up extra HP w/ the faders. It makes it more playable than trying to move tiny faders that are half covered by cables. But that’s just my opinion.
Looking forward to the 16n!


this is a great idea. mark me down as interested.


a fast DJ style fader bank could be useful.


I’m interested, poor, but interested, so call me optimistic-about-the-future-of-my-bank-account interested.


have been reading for months, never posted.

count me interested :+1:t4:


I’d be definitely down!


And i’m up (on the forum) and down for a faderbank
plus interface panel!


That might just make me look back at some old MIDI items…


I’m interested for sure


Count me in too! This thing looks amazing.