Interfacing standalone synths with modular

I’ve had a desktop ARP Ody and since starting the eurorack journey I have wondered countless times how would it sound modulated by Just Friends, or sending envelopes from a Maths and so on.
Sadly, as many other standalone synths it doesn’t have patch points so you can’t really connect it to other modules/systems beyond a quite limited ‘cv in’.

Does anyone know about the possibilities of routing these kind of synths (say a Sub 37 or a Voyager) with eurorack or other gear? Tips, tricks? Modifications to add a patching panel? You know, interfacing one with the other.

I’m also interested in the processes of others, so feel free to share your ideas on using standalone synths with modular too ~

Sometimes I wish they designed everything with MS-20 style patch points, ha.

CV to Midi is a possible solution. I’m using a Squarp Hermod for this purpose. A Disting mk4 can also convert voltage to CC.

hey! not v familiar with the ARP, but i don’t think you can patch out the raw waveforms.

you do have the option of “sampling” the ARP into the modular by connecting its main output into an audio input on Just Friends or Maths. this, of course, is not ideal as you are effectively “double processing” the sound, once through the ARP’s internal signal path and then again through your chosen module.