Internal Reflections (dark drone ambient)

The concept for this album came to me when I read the article “Resist and Be Free: More than false choices and options, the highest freedom lies in being true to oneself and defying the expectations of others.”

That lead to further reading – a couple of Erich Fromm books, articles on authenticity in music and in cuisine, some general articles on the philosophy of freedom and authenticity, and a couple of discussion threads that were happening here at the time.

At the start, I decided I wanted a whole album that sounded like one particular thing I was doing a year ago. I thought of it as “the quintessential Starthief sound,” after all. I was going to call the album “Drone/Pulse” because that summarized the technique: create a drone, accent it rhythmically using an LPG or VCA and build around it.

What I found was, the music just wanted to go somewhere else. The music and I fought over the steering wheel, and each time, it would win. After a few difficult efforts, I realized I was trying to imitate my old self instead of being true to my current self – so I stopped fighting it. In each song I used the drone/pulse technique but let it run where it would. This was the result.


Calmly foreboding!
(Is that possible?)

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I guess it is possible!

I like that phrase better than “a little boring and kind of depressing” as someone else said… probably not a fan of the genre :laughing: