Interstate Hydra - Nocturnes

Exactly three years ago I released an EP under the name Interstate Hydra and put it up on Bandcamp. Up until now I have kept this alias a secret and only shown these tunes to a few people, but I figured it’s been long enough. Here is Nocturnes, released January 2020. I recommend listening in headphones if possible.

Nocturnes was made entirely in Audacity by mashing together samples from my music library and from YouTube. This was a total 180 from my usual workflow, which is to synthesize everything with SuperCollider code.

For the album, I developed a compositional method I call “sound dumplings.” A sound dumpling is a collage of samples, about 30 seconds long total, that increases and then decreases in density. All samples are transposed to the same diatonic scale, so everything sounds consonant. Sound dumplings are therefore highly modular and can be combined and sequenced to create orchestral textures with a huge, oceanic quality.

I wrote a blog post about the sound dumpling process here: Sound Dumplings: a Sound Collage Workflow | Nathan Ho


Very cool! I appreciate the write-up, too. I’ve tried using Audacity in this way in the past, but never got very far with it. Maybe it’s time to give it another go.