Intro to Livecoding with ORCA workshop - Online on Twitch Sunday 6/28 3pm EST

Hi, I’m an organizer at Babycastles, an experimental videogame artspace and collective fostering and amplifying diverse voices in videogame culture. Since the onset of COVID-19 in NYC we’ve been holding Babycastles Academy workshops online most Sunday afternoons.

Next Sunday June 28 at 3pm EST is Intro To Livecoding With Orca, taught by Max Neely-Cohen.

We will stream it on Twitch, but please sign up here. We’re asking folks to consider a donation of $5 - 15.

Thanks! Hope you can attend.


A reminder this is happening SUNDAY 3pm EDT (East Coast time)! We will be streaming on twitch. Please register to ‘attend’! Thanks. We’re asking folks to donate $5-15 if they’re able. We’re a small nonprofit artspace and community in NYC, and excited to be able to have folks around the world join us.
If anyone has interest in teaching a workshop in the future, you can also get in touch about that!

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I’m there! Thank you for sharing.

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Will there be a way to access a recording? I’d really like to attend, but am gonna be busy at the time.

Yep, there will be a video put on YouTube within 24 hours after, linked from our YouTube page.

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the Intro to Livecoding with ORCA workshop video is now archived online here!


Thanks so much for setting this up. I had registered, but was unable to tune in at the time- but I’ve since gone back and watched. Learned a few things I didn’t know, it was well worth my time.

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