Introduction: Who is Planet Claire?


Hello. I’m not new here. I used to be called Clive Grace or TanaisFox and I made a Monome 512. I miss it dreadfully. I may have to make another one.

A while back I decided I was not a man, but a woman. I had this sneaky feeling since I was 8 and over the years it crept up on me until last year. After all the drama of the house fire had calmed down and I was left with a stable life and a load of tools at my disposal to work out my shit… for once and for all… I saw a doctor who sent me to a psych who sent me to a specialist who asked me lost of questions and at the end of the process I ended up with a positive diagnosis of gender dysphoria…

What this means is… well… not much has changed, the next few years will be a process, a sequence of events of medical and psychological processes: hormones, facial hair removal has already begun, some cosmetic surgery, body changes, some gene therapy too and then in two years time, after boobs and hips and nips and tucks. I get final reassignment surgery.

And its not like this is anything new… Transgender visibility is becoming a thing this decade.

Otherwise not much changes. I am still building stuff, I am finishing some major projects this year and my PhD resumes although I may just take a MA in composition just to ease myself back in and composing starts again after a much needed hiatus. And as I am finding out… women in electroacoustic music are more common that most other genres

Clive became “Claire Fox” by law last week.

So here I am, many of you will not know me as llllll has grown massively in my time away, but some of you here will know me.


welcome claire!! glad to have you back. what are current projects looking like?


Hi Caire, welcome back! I’m not a very active member but I certainly remember being mega impressed by your shiny 512 diy monome.
Looking forward to hearing about your current projects too.


Hi Claire! Glad to hear you are on the right road, all the best :smile:


Welcome back Claire! The story of your fire has always haunted me; glad that it’s become a part of a positive story.


well… any stribe users here?


Welcome Claire! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to see what you’re cooking up next.


This thread seems to be the only mention of Stribe in the entire forum.

(Someone needs to merge that with the 16n fader board project…)


welcome back :slight_smile:
and whoa damn, stribe… blast from the past!


Wow. I’ve got a couple of 8 fader stribes knocking about that I really ought to put back into action. Are you still using these, Claire? If so, it’d be great to know how you have them set up and running. It’s been many years since I’ve had mine set up.


This Stribe is so cool, esp. with those Neutrik USB sockets :slight_smile: