Invite to Distinctive Electronica twice monthly competition


I just wanted to share and invite anyone interested to a join a twice monthly Electronic music competition that I regularly take part in. Its called Distinctive Electronica and it runs twice a month.
It used to be in the Soundcloud Group functions but since this stopped its got its own free account page here…
This is what they say…
The group has a bi-monthly contest, voted for on the 8th & 24th of every month, if you don’t vote your track will be out of the running. The groups purpose is try to bring together musicians, producers and Dj’s who are interested in introducing new musical ideas and sounds in Electronica, but want to go a little further - no better, no worse, simply different or new. Support and feedback between the group’s members are the main keys of this group. So please leave some feedback on other peoples work & take the time to reply to someone’s comments on your track. It would be greatly appreciated.Playlists of past winners are posted at @bestofdistinctiveelectronica.

The forum and discussion and voting things are all housed here…

It a friendly place and often has some pretty good music.
Thanks for reading