iOS cv apps

Has anyone tried any of the iOS apps that generate cv from the headphone output?

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I had limited success with an LFO app a few years ago ( The output voltage is weak; documentation says +/- 0.5 volts. I think I remember amplifying it using a Moog CP-251’s powered pedal input or something like that. IIRC, I found it to be a useful source of noise and random voltage, but ultimately not really worth the trouble for all the cabling required, having to amplify it and all.

For me, file under: gateway drug / teaser for eventually getting into modular :wink:


I would suggest working with MIDI in iOS and then converting the signals to CV using MIDI-to-CV device. You would get the best from both worlds and use every machine for what they do best.

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No quite what you’re looking for but this video just got posted using a mi.1e

Spotted this & thought it may be of interest:

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There is always talk of needing a DC coupled output for CV control. Im thinking the headphone output on iPhone/ipad can not properly do cv. iPad could be so cool for music if apple opened it up a little. It could be a sequencing/recording/sound generation power house if it didn’t need all the dongles and work arounds to get midi and audio in/out.

I’m trying it out and the cv level is quite low but not useless at all

I’ve run it into the attenuverters on Maths which helps a little

Subtle but not worthless

You could always use an amplifier module to increase the CV level from the device.
One of many:

Does it work on two signals at the same time?

The Doepfer one is single channel so unless you mix the two signals together first (which I’m kind of guessing isn’t what you want to do) then, no.

Addac make a dual channel amplifier module though.

Trigger Box is basic but fun if you are looking for some euclidean trigger action

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Will check it out , thanks