iPad monome resources?

I’m brand new to Monome – very excited to be diving into such a rich and brilliant community.

I went out and got a Launchpad Mini simply because of mlrv. I’m saving up for a 128, but the Launchpad I got is a second-gen so it has some tricky behaviors with mlrv (@Galapagoose, I’m more than happy to provide specific Launchpad Mini Mk2 feedback. also, Commitments is excellent. very very excellent). In the meantime, I’m trying to emulate the OSC commands on my iPad (TouchOSC) for things like re:mix, mark eats sequencer, and even better control of party van. I think that studiomux on the iPad will help translate TouchOSC messages over the charge cable, so the notorious issues of ad-hoc networking at live shows is a thing of the past (I hope).

tl;dr – I’ve done some research and it seems that TouchMonome was the closest iPad utility back in 2010. are there better options for iPad Monome functionality that weren’t made in 2010-2013? anything recent?

Either way, I’ve got my pennies piling. Hopefully somebody can cast a line and help with integrating my iPad into Monome’s tools?

Thanks all.


Serialosc is very hardware bound. Virtual monomes are having a hard time. No direct usage of monome apps is possible currently, at least not easily. Pages can do virtual devices, but using the old bonjour method, which is kind of deprecated (not saying you can use your midicontroller and pages as a monome though).

Your best bet is sigaborts stuff.

so - files now has much better usb drive support. Wonder if the ability to connect to serialosc is there???

(one can dream for a few hours at least :wink: )


Oh, so much has changed in the four years that have passed since this post.


this part’s truer than ever


I recently discovered the app PdParty and it made me wonder if 2 + 2 = 4. :thinking:



Don’t get what you mean

Haha, sorry. :slight_smile:

Since pd can speak to monomes and PdParty can run on iPads does that mean that iPads can speak to monomes.

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no, iOS devices can’t directly act as hosts for monome devices, because apple doesn’t allow them to make TTY connections over the lightning ports. this has been explored many times on the forum.

given the changes around IOKit just announced today for macOS 10.15 (a new userspace driver layer, basically, i think), one can hope that things might open up a little bit in future iOS releases as well. but then again they may not.


Oh well, it was a nice dream. Thanks for the info!

I haven’t used TouchOSC myself, but I believe you’ll find what you’re looking for in this thread (I’m assuming you want to connect your Norns to some sort of touch interface, but I might have misunderstood) : TouchOSC templates for Grid and Arc

Ok, sorry for my confusion, but I don’t really know what you call “a Monome”. I wrongly assumed this was a Norns Shield, but I’m apparently mistaken.
In any case, I hope you find what you’re looking for !

Not exactly necrobumping this thread since it was just revived this morning, but it does make me wonder if and how folks are integrating their iPads into the broader monome universe…

I’m going to try to run an iPad sequencer into ansible in midi mode using the sevillasoft midi adapter… I already got some very nice things happening doing that with my Korg SQ-1…

I don’t have a norns yet but I can imagine some kind of interplay between iPad and Norns, given that they both have Link, if nothing else…

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Not possible. Nothing has changed since my post above from June 2019. This is Apple’s decision on how to treat class compliant USB modem devices.


Though, now they’re on USB-C ports for the ipad pros, still no difference?

Nothing has changed. The issue is not the shape of the socket. The issue is the protocol used to talk to class compliant TTY devices: you’re not allowed/able to do it.


Gotcha, thanks for the information :slight_smile: super unfortunate for us tbh!

As explained up-thread, unfortunately it’s not possible to write iPad apps for the grid.

Can you do iPad to monome comms through an intermediate device like a pi0 using wifi to device then device to Monome?

I was thinking about this the other day. You could probably make a Grid to midi device using an Arduino no?