Is Arc discontinued?

I was curious about Arc4, but it’s unfindable on the website ?

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it’s not currently in production, but may have a reincarnation soon!


Seeing the possibilities on the Orca/White Whale, these are very good news!

thanks ! might be interested.

i would definitely consider it if wider implementations happened. modules etc.

Opinion: A lot of the things that made the Arc quite hard to get out the door seem to be the complexity of the internals. I had a look at my original 4 x push button and thought to myself “this could be a single board with two sided layout” (like the current Monome 128). I also wonder if the light shapers could be combined into perhaps a die-pressed process through a machined circle holding frosted glass into the top plate rather than the slow, separate, tedious machining process as well as doing away with ribbon cables and having all that on a single pcb. One PCB for Arc2 and one for Arc4. MicroUSB as well as it would contribute to the tendency for monome products to hug closer and closer my desk surface!

first post on the new forum, yay

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I’m interested in an ‘reincarnated’ arc! Any news on if/when there will be a new run?

i have designs-- just looking for time-- and a sort of confidence that enough people want them!


What about arc reincarnated as a euro module? Now that would garner some broader interest I suspect.

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Want an arc 2 to match my 2015 128! And a M4L version of grainstorm please…

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If one were announced, it’d be an instant buy for me! If it comes with Eurorack compatibility in any form, then you can have all of my money.


put me down for one of each size you make…

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+1 for an arc2.
20 characters!

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Oh, I have quite a sort of confidence to give that I would want one. Would be great if it would fit aesthetically with the actual grid and connects to some of the modules as to the orca, maybe to the telly. Something to nudge like 4 wheels of fortune…

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I am also very interested! Particularly if it matched the recent 128s.

if that means, that there would be a euro module made specifically for Arc: please do release another batch!!! :heart_eyes:


If there is use with eurorack : 100% sure i’ll buy one.
Else, well, 98%.

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I don’t want to get my hopes up about this, but I would love to have an arc specific module. Let’s start a separate functionality wishlist thread so we can convince @tehn that this needs to happen :smile:



my suggestion? keep it in here and rename the thread…

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Add me into the ‘would buy one’ bandwagon!

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