Is Arc discontinued?

yeah, also very interested in a new arc that would match the latest grid. maybe some new features as well? thinking 2 led rings in particular would be pretty awesome… but imagine difficult from a production point of view.

curious what folks want to see in an arc specific euro module? as mentioned there is orca , and i’ve got some other arc firmware ideas on the list of things to try.

But mainly, i’d love if we could hook it to the Teletype. Data input, visual feedback, etc.

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i’d buy immediately

arc has always fascinated me but i wasnt able to accomplish certain things with it when i had one

finest design the team has created imo and there are few machines i’ve used that genuinely felt as magical

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Hi everyone!
How about implementing a poll to see how many of us are willing to buy? -> Improved polls in discourse
Maybe an exclusive topic for the arc, another one for the mixer, et cetera.
@tehn I´m really interested in both.



Mark me interested too if will work with teletype

I’ve also been fascinated with the Arc and would be interested in a re-boot. Any news on this?

No official word, besides @tehn gauging interest in a few threads here and there, and a picture of an arc in a recent email newsletter that seems to tease at something.

In the light of this a 2016 Arc seems likely, but it’s pure speculation at this point.

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I’d be thrilled to buy my first arc this year!

I’d love some sort of quadrature LFO module in conjunction with an Arc4. My OCD would just need a new arc to match the current grid. Sounds like heaven to me.

i’m looking into another edition. there were a lot of hurdles to get over with the last edition, so there would be some refinement.

i hesitate to pre-announce much these days until i know we can deliver. but we should have some idea what’s possible in the coming months.


This is very inspiring. Please, color me in!

I hope the refinements do not render older arcs obsolete… ! :slightly_smiling:

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Would love to get one as well! I think possibilities are more open now than ever with the growing eurorack world

Dear @tehn,

you said it:
“i have designs-- just looking for time-- and a sort of confidence that enough people want them!”

It would be great to see a new Arc. I see people talking about / hoping for a modular purpose for it. But I think even without it the Arc should be reborn because it is so unique. Some of us are looking here in the forum but it’s really hard to get a unit.

I think I read somewhere that you said you don’t like these unfinished crowdfunding projects that don’t even know when or how they are going to deliver. I understand that. Anyway I would love you to put out a new series and I wouldn’t even mind prepaying because we all know and trust your work and know that the monome products always insisted on high quality. So to me it would be the most trustworthy thing to show my interest and support by prefinancing such a project.

Much respect in the hope that the Arc might be reborn


I would be up for an Arc. I appreciate that this could be risky though, people say they want something but when you ask for money, not everyone is as keen. To reduce the risk to Monome, and get this rolling, I’d certainly put down a deposit fi there was a rough timeline to delivery. I’ve done this before with 5u stuff which seems to take ages but you know the money goes direct to the builder/designer and I feel like that’s worth the wait between deposit payment and new toy to mess with.


thank you for the support. i’m working towards a timeline and should have something to show soon!


“It googles batman poems for me”


Just saw the other preorder thread…NVM. Haven’t been on here in a few weeks.

Hey @tehn, I’m just jumping in here to add my voice to those requesting a reincarnation. After having pined for an Arc for all these years I finally decided to pull the trigger on one. I’ll be first in line when the Arc rebirth occurs!


just want to chime in and say that im also interested in an updated version of this if/when it’s released

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