Is it normal for ansible to freeze after a lot of arc activity?

Wondering if anyone’s had this issue.

no, but if you can replicate a situation please let me know and i’ll fix it.

I was using the arc with cycles tonight. Maybe 40 minutes or so. Had all 4 rings spinning constantly. No problems encountered.

I can overwhelm my arc reliably if I send it too many updates from Max.

Are you using ansible or Max/PD, or?

is it the arc hardware that locks up? or does serialosc get busted somehow? normally all i see with too many LED updates is dropped packets.

Unclear if it’s related (and apologies for not having reliable repro steps) but in Midi (Mono) mode Ansible’s I got the gate output (1) stuck on when playing fast passages on my keyboard. It still responded to note changes, but the gate would stay stuck on until I hit the panic button.

I can make both happen if metro sends updates fast enough. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to reproduce. Makes me think it was an user error. I’ll flag if it happens again.

there should not be a case where user error would freeze the arc, so do let me know if you can replicate this.

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Will do, Brian. Thanks.

can you describe in more detail what happened?
and how did the “freeze” manifest itself?

In particular, was this w/ ansible? What app?

So, it was the ansible that locked up and the arc followed suit - me thinks; could’ve been the other way around. I had a pretty complex patch going with every gate and CV running at high speeds. That said, I’ve been running a complex patch for the last two hours with the arc running at various speeds, so it might’ve have been an isolated incident. I will keep everyone posted.

Grid froze up today using kria. I had a patch running for a half an hour without touching the grid. Came back to it and everything was fine except the grid would not respond to any button presses. Unplugged/plugged grid back in and all was working normally. Version 1.5.1

which grid edition?

lights still running?

It is a 2012 varibright. Yes, lights were running the kria pattern completely fine/normal. I could switch to meadowphysics on the ansible. Grid would not sense any button presses until the unplug/plug cycle.

Didn’t we have a similar problem with the keyboard stopping working on TT until an unplug/plug? I think it was fixed there via a change in libavr32. IIRC, @scanner_darkly posted some test firmwares with updated libavr32.

i seem to recall something like that, but there was nothing in the changes i made to libavr32 to address that specifically. although it’s possible some of the changes would also affect keyboard detection somehow.

I think it might have been timer corruption. I’m pretty sure it was me that made the change. I’ll try and have a look through the commit history tomorrow.

But didn’t you post an Ansible firmware that was built against a newer version of libavr32?

i did, here it is: Does your teletype stop responding after an hour or two?

(it’s referencing a different commit in libavr32 but it should be exactly the same as what was merged to the master branch - i created stability branch to squash commits from my dev branch).

yeah, quite possible it’s a consequence of monome polling timers getting corrupted!