Is it possible to use OSC or midi in place of K1-3, E1-3?

norns_ipad_mk2.tosc (7.4 KB)

Still a work in progress, but here’s my updated “everything” template. added in what @mattkuebrich did, made some adjustments and did the OG norns layout


Wow! Working right away. Thanks a lot. Got headless ideas going on today

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Ah sorry - updated my template above so K3 is working properly.

Just a note… I was having issues with the sensitivity of the encoders and tried different “scale” values in TouchOSC, trying to match closer to how the actual hardware works. @dan_derks’ original values of -.3 to .3 were causing backwards movements of the encoder to “skip” every other value (?), so I changed them to -.5 to .5 and that works better, but still probably too sensitive.