Is old Pam's worthwhile in 2018?

obvs bc there is Pamela’s New Workout, 2nd hand prices on Old Pam are pretty low, and super tempting. I’ve had this chat with a few folks privately and love opinions and reality checks.

yeah I’ve already got a clock divider w/bells and whistles (Pitts Timerunner), but Pams could play super well with that fella anyway, or replace it and earn me 4hp.

yes, New Pam is definitely snazzier, but I’ve found great wrinkles at good prices in older, less #gottahaveit modules (Timerunner, Telephone Game).

entertain me. save me money or spend it?

(caveat is that I’m moving in two weeks so this may just be totally hypothetical)

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Well you know what it does. So if you want that functionality then get it! I love mine. I go back and forth between standard and Euclidean firmware. Clocks are timeless. I have it hooked up to my Kenton modular solo so I can start/stop from Octatrack or DAW.

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If you don’t need modulations and random stuff in that same 8hp, then old Pam’s is just as good as it was 5 years ago :slight_smile: the Nixie display on the old one has a special charm, too. That said, the new one can do everything the old one can and then some, but at 2x the cost.

Related: PM me if you want to buy an old one in excellent condition :smile:

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Clocks are timeless.


can you define length and amplitude of the gates with the old one?
If yes, and the price is right, get one. If not, I’m not sure.

(I speak from my point of view: I love sequencing with gates)

One thing that’s really nice with the old Pamela’s Workout is that it can send out a pulse on a clock stop, which is super handy for resetting things (I use this with my Teletype and ER-101). In effect, I use the start/stop button on the Pam as a master sequencer control.

length yes, not amplitude, though. with the original Pam’s all the outputs are just on/off gates, but length/duty cycle is adjustable.

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Good to see you around here, @baleen. I would wait a little bit and ponder some more. The reason I bought the new one was to have 8 extra LFOs or Randoms if I wanted, all related to each other. In a small system, you’re gaining a ton of extra functionality.

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I sold my old one with the intention of getting a new one (which hasn’t happened yet, because £££), basically because I loved the Euclidean mode and the normal mode on the original, but you can only run one. New Pam’s does both at the same time. The modulation aspect is just a bonus!

If I might take a minor detour: How menu-y do the new and old Pam’s feel? I’m trying to avoid “deep” modules for my purposes, but Pam’s is still so damn tempting despite needing to dig a bit.

I never felt that it was difficult to get my head around the old one, and that was with more obscure symbols to tell you what you’re editing than the new one, because of the fresh OLED. Having said that, the new one has way more modes/options, so it could be a bit more menu-y. The click/turn interface was always super quick and easy for me.

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