Is promotion part of your process?


Hey, I love old photos where I have a bad haircut or I’m looking a little chubby!

(I’m bald, and more than a little chubby now.)

So… give it time. You’ll grow into those.


I don’t really agree with this. I don’t think it has anything to do with the tracks themselves but rather your inner workings.


Music I made in the past is fine with me.

Back then, I wanted it to sound like it did back then and enjoyed creating it.

My taste and skills have changed, so I like some pieces more than others. Whether I like them or not, I try to not let my current position towards the pieces taint my memories of creating them. But I try to recognize & learn from things that I could have done better.

It’s the same with old photos: They show the way I looked, and whether I like them today or not, the best photos were always the ones in which I did not reflect in any way how I may be perceived by others – or judged by myself.