Is serialoscd eating up my macbook?

Hi all,

I have to admit that I do not understand much of this computer science but I as the grid/monome is the only context from which I know that it’s working with serialoscd on my system I thought it might be suitable to ask this here.

I am on a macbook with OS X 10.11.6, mostly working with Logic Pro on Audio. I have a grid and sometimes play with sum, otherwise it’s connected to the modular.

Know I found out that the constant ventilation noise I get from the mac comes from a process called serialoscd that is eating about 99 to 100 % of my CPU power, regarding to the process monitor even when I am not aware of actually having used it.

Has anyone an idea what might be happening there? Any help would be highly appreciated since it seems to have a huge impact on logics latency as soon as I switch on some plugins there…


…ah, just noticed: when I stop the process, it restarts. Without anything connected to the computer or any relevant software running.

@tehn will be able to answer this better but I had a similar issue running an older version of Serialosc whilst having arduino based devices attached.

Thanks you. Where can I find an actual version of it?

EDIT: Ah sorry - I am capable of using google of course, found 1.4 and installed it…

Any luck? Has it helped?

By now - yes. I’ll have to watch it some time, happened every now and then. At the moment I am struggling with getting the actual monome sum running…

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So it worked now pretty well for a day. Maybe it was triggered by updating an arduino based module. I did some more updates after installing the new serialosc without any issues.

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yeah this was a bad issue in versions pre-1.4. should be fixed now, but let me know if any issues crop up on 1.4 or later.