Is the old Grids GS 64 compatible with the Arduino library?

I might get an old gray scale grids 64. As I understand it’s not compatible with the new monome eurorack modules. But is it possible to roll my own with an Arduino Due? Is the library compatible?

I also understand that the GS version lacks the varibright diodes. What will happen if I set the z-value to, let’s say 7? Is there a threshold when it lits up and in that case, what’s the threshold?

the gs will actually work with the modules, it’s just that the modules have interfaces which maximize use of the variable brightness for intuitive control.

the arduino library supports the gs. if there is a bug, we’ll fix it.


Cool. So I know I got something that have some kind of support and is not complete obsolete.

Can you recommend grids 64 for the earthsea module? From what I understand it’s the one with the least limitations for the smaller size grids. Or have I missed something?

i would not recommend the earthsea for a mono-brightness 8x8 grid. it’ll work, but many of the features will be somewhat (or completely) unreadable. but you will get the basics.

I see. What about white whale? Is it the most 64 grid compatible module?
I really want to ditch my laptop but I don’t want to rush into the 128 the same time as I try the modules, I’m quite happy with my 64 so far…

WW is probably the best option for mono-brightness.

it’s shown in the video above.