Is there a speedlimit to button presses on some Monome grids?

I have had a gs64 and monome kit 256 for a few years now and regently got a gs128. When I connect the 64 and 256(if i remember correctly) to my maxpatch I can press a button as fast as human possible, but when I connect the GS 128 to the same patch there is a limit to how fast it will register multiple presses on the same button. This can make double taps to trigger different functions hard :frowning:

Anyone have any tips?

the gs128 might need new keypads if sensitivity isn’t good. is it harder to press in general?

This does not seem to be a sensibility feature as it happens with all buttons and I have not had a single problem with normal non-double taps.

There’s likely a debounce circuit or filter in place that limits the maximum frequency that it can detect subsequent taps without coalescing them into a single tap. But I don’t own one so I don’t know what that frequency might be set at or if it’s hardware or software.

I made a small patch that only counts the bangs. On the Gs64 I can easily do a double press of 95ms ish, on the 128 with a few exceptions it doesn’t go much lower than a few 111 but mostly it just skips the second tap if it is too fast.

If I press more than one button they register super fast. Even at 0ms.

the gs firmware likely has more debounce in the firmware as the keypads during that era were having trouble. i’ll investigate

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Did you have time to look into this yet? Makes it a bit hard to double tap the looper button in Live.
I can of course make a double tap button but would be awesome if the firmware could be adjusted.