Is there a stable version of MLRV or MLR for the modern times?

Hello monome community! My how we have grown :slight_smile:

I was an avid monome user from 2007-2014. I was one of the OG doners for MLRV even. I stepped away, not because I don’t love everything about it, but because it was my life and work flow for so long that I had to step away and find new inspiration.

Now I am inspired by it again and I am trying to revisit old mediums. I have used Remix in Ableton off and on randomly thru the years but my question is, are there modern adaptions of these max/msp patches from the old days that still work? and is there something I need to do to get mlrv to work? Am I missing something? I’m on an 2017 imac running mojave, max 8, and I can’t get anything to be stable. I installed serial osc when I got the computer back in the day. Remix runs great but I want to pull up old presets in MLR and MLRV in their OG patches but nothing is stable. I tried them in Max 6 and still now love. MLRV was running great for a bit and now just wont open for example.

Any advice would be grateful! This instrument defined me for years, it is such a big part of my life, but I am having a hard time integrating it like I used to.

Any help comes with a gigantic thank you!!

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I have the same backstory as you (although I wasn’t a donor), and I came back into the norns, almost entirely for mlr. While I can’t help you, welcome back! There’s almost no bigger thing I would say than how great it is as an instrument Norns is. But you didn’t say u didn’t have one so I won’t rant, too much. MlrV was my favorite iteration of mlr by far, and I often think of going back to it for live sets. It was so dope and so stable. (No idea how it would play out now, but first thing I’d do is download other versions of max that your version was created in).
But mlr for norns is that stable now too. Hey, maybe someone smarter than me will say something soon. Until then!

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mlrv still works great, use max 5 runtime


Thanks for the advice! I do not have Norns but now I’m intrigued :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll have to climb in that worm hole lol.

thanks for taking the time!

Ok thank you, I will try it on Max 5.

Thanks for all you do brother!

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Will Max 5 Runtime work on recent OSX systems ?


Recent OSX systems that aren’t running Catalina? Probably.

Recent OSX systems that are?
You may need to install a virtual machine to load Mojave or earlier.

Just an update. Max 5 runtime, is not solving my issue at all.

There is good news though!
I was trying to get the standalone version of MLRV2 to work. I have since downloaded the Max patch for MLRV2 and it seems to be working fine and loading my old presets, and in Max 8!

I hope this helps someone the future.


great to see MLR still alive after all these years!

I just got my grid, and the basics seem to be working with Max8, which is awesome.

One thing I was trying to do was run it vertically (so i could run 15 samples instead of 7) but it doesn’t seem respect changing the setting to “vertical” and still takes inputs the same as horizontal. Any suggestions?

Figured it out: go into /Users/(you)/Library/Preferences/org.monome.serialosc/ and open the .conf file. Change rotation = 90

Time to get down to business :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 12.03.07 PM