Is there a way to hide posts / categories? EDIT: Yes there is!

Edit: Turns out there is! Thanks @diodemover and @ioflow for showing me how:


Individual posts

Whole category

Original posts

It would be a really nice feature to be able to tidy up my Lines feed by moving some posts over to a “hidden” category. It could be similar to the “new” or “unread” filters, and could be toggled on and off. Preferably from the main feed via f.ex. a little cross, arrow or something.


  • It would be great to be able to hide threads that focus too much on gear f.ex. or that are specific to f.ex. Norns users, or certain eurorack modules.
  • Sometimes I don’t want to remove stuff I just want a break, while still not missing the other stuff.
  • As the forum grows it could really help you sort out the threads you really enjoy on the forum, while hiding “the rest”.
  • Also some topics that other people really like (so it gets moved to the top all the time) might just not be of interest to me, and it would be nice to be able to hide it.

You can hide posts by going to the post itself, and clicking on the alert bell and choosing “muted”. It shouldn’t show up in your feed after that. :slight_smile:

Oh cool! Thanks! I did that, and it worked great. How can I now find that thread again and unmute it?

You know how it is. Sometimes you want to dive into something, sometimes you need a break, how do I then dive back in :slight_smile: ?

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I totally get it :slight_smile: using the search feature searches for all topics, regardless of whether you muted them or not.


Thanks for this information!

I really think a button to show all muted threads would be a great feature. I feel like if I actively have to search for a topic to find it again, I might end up being afraid to mute a topic thinking I might forget about it and not be able to see it again.

With something to show me all muted threads I could f.ex. go “ah that’s right. I muted this Norns thread because I didn’t have a Norns. Maybe it is time to dive into this now with my new Shield”.

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I totally forgot: if you go to your profile settings, and then “tags”, you can mute entire categories :slight_smile:

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you can view the list of your muted threads at any time from your profile:

preferences > categories > show muted

from there, you can click into any thread and use the alert bell to unmute it.


Perfect! Thank you so much!