Is there a way to retain reverb parameter settings after reset?

I’d like to be able to retain my reverb setting and not have to reset them or load PSET on every boot. Is there a way to modify the default levels of the reverb?

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previously the mixer levels were not save-able or mappable, so by universalizing the params the reverb is now state-connected to the pset system.

one underutilized feature is for scripts to load the last used pset.


with no args this will grab the last-written-or-read param for the script. which i think should solve most musical use requirements.

if a script uses psets, this line should be in init somewhere.


quick bump, @distropolis : deep in the noodles + release notes of yore, it was originally planned that rev/comp parameters should also save as part of system.state, so that they could load at their last state without restoring a PSET (since some scripts don’t use 'em).

gonna take a crack at adding this in rn

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That would be great! Thanks!