Is there a way to show a bookmarked thread from a muted category on default page?

Just a quick question: I want to be able to mute the trade threads in general but would like to see updates on one particular thread (the groupbuy thread). I currently have Trade threads muted. Is there a setting that will still mute them on my default page with the exception of the one thread that I’ve bookmarked to follow?

If this is in the wrong place or easily answered, please feel free to delete.

The Trade category is muted in Latest for all users. And no, I know of no way to make Trade threads appear in Latest, as a consequence of this mod decision.

It’s very effective at keeping Trade in the background, and that is clearly the mods’ intention.

does setting the thread to “watching” or “tracking” accomplish what you want?

Tracking wouldn’t but Watching should give you a notification about any update. Might have to unmute Trade? Not sure about that last bit.

I don’t think any change to the default settings is necessary to receive notifications from posts in the Trade category, based on when I’ve sold things.

with “watching” you can receive notifications but the thread still won’t show in the front page.

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yep, and with “tracking” it’ll show up in Unread (and at the bottom of individual thread pages) but not Latest

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Ah. Well it sounds like I’ll have to just look for notifications on that particular thread. Not a huge deal.

I guess I missed the fact that Trade is muted from Latest by default - I’ve had it manually muted for some time now. I guess I can remove that.

Thanks everyone!

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