Is there Arc4 software / m4l / max patches that works in current OS X / Ableton versions


I just got an Arc4 and was looking for some things I could do with it on the computer.

Unfortunately I have no experiences with programming and everything I found does not seem to work. Electric Dharma Wheels recognizes the Arc in Max 7 but the outcome is pretty irritating regarding the sound as well as the LED feedback which gets more and more randomly shifting ans blinking.

Brainchild does not recognize the Arc in M4L 6 and 7, in fact I even don’t get a serialOSC window in it as in the den videos.

Apart from that I found a lot of links on the forum and via google that point to some older momome forum that seems to be gone and just gives one of those internet error messages.

So does anyone know something out there that is actually working with Live 9 and Max 6 or 7 and El Capitan?

Would be lovely!


max7 monome package includes “returns” which is a midi CC router.

I have a (sadly neglected) project to preserve apps that work for arc and grid. Unfortunately I don’t have an arc, so I haven’t tested any arc apps. Any info you collect here will help me with that project.

There’s a Max 4 Live midi effect called ARC4 Mapper that will let you assign the wheels control other devices or instruments in Live. Also check out ARC4 Granular by the same authors.

@tehn Thanks, I had a look at it (in fact I did not know about the whole package by now, read about meadowphysics but never really searched for it as I have the module…). Looks interesting, I just struggled with Midi in Max but this should be something I can figure out somehow.

@jasonw22 Yes, I have seen in it and had a short look at it already (short as in: wow, this needs some time for a closer look)

Yes, I have tried Grainchild and the Mapper. They do not recognize my Arc though. In fact they do not even show the little osc display at the bottom of the module in Live 9 with M4L 6 and 7.

What system are you on?

which version of max are you running exactly? I remember having that issue with an ancient max 7

@Leverkusen made this M4L device some years ago. It’s a simple arc-to-parameter-control patch. Read the info for automation options. (239.1 KB)

@ithkaa Thank you! Looks quite promising, nice idea with the pages and seems to work instantly. Mapping is quite easy too.

What I noticed is when you turn an encoder past its highest or lowest value (say 100%) it seems to internally count those turns while the parameter of course does not increase any further.
When you then want to go down again you have to perform those extra turns again before it picks up the Live controller (at those 100%).

Is there a way to limit this? ( I hope it was described understandable)

@Leverkusen idd … was planning on refreshing this device. I’ll post it here when it’s done.

@sakul I recently upgraded to 7.3.1.

While I now somehow get this small window there is nothing written in it (just a grey box) but it recognizes the Arc in Grainchild, not the Mapper though. I just have to turn it upside down and then the encoders fit with the ones on the m4l devices.

Now I have no idea what to do with it. Of course I can map the encoders by hand to parameters in sampler/simpler but I do not understand why there are 4 versions of it (ARC4-Granular, ARC4-GranF-1, ARC4Granular and GrainChild) which all look the same, apart from their color, plus the ARC4 Mapper…

@ithkaa Great, I just sold my push and this would be very much exactly was I was hoping for to find. But I have a lot other things to explore right now which makes it easy to patiently wait. :slight_smile:

@Leverkusen new version … (244.3 KB)

Wow, fast-updates-day today - thanks for the effort!

It keeps the range now but, especially when turned just a little bit faster it is stuttering on the edges (0 ans 127). It seems that it needs a bit time to accommodate when it has reached both end points before it can smoothly go down again.