Is this a realistic plan

i am thinking of pulling the trigger on a grid, a meadowphysics and a white whale. I am going to sell my Make Noise rene and let the gird and these two modules take care of some poly ritmos. And then follow up withe the Teletype and the Earthsea for a completist vibe.

Is this a smart plan for getting started? I just don’t want to drop $1240 and not be able to make sequences

I would appreciate the feedback. I originally designed another case entirely but i have re-evaluated and i am going to try to integrate the Monome/Modules into my existing rig.
This is what i have now, save for the monome stuff of course.

thank you for your feedback.

I am hoping some people will weigh in. I guess I’m looking for some inspiration :slight_smile:

You can certainly sequence with the monome modules.

But I’d love to hear from folks about how you might replicate some of René’s specific sequencing modes using Teletype. Pretty sure it can be done, but not being a Teletype owner, I don’t know specifically how.

meadowphisics is ace for polyrhythms, but I guess you know that already :wink:
WW on the other side lets you flash 3 different firmwares on it, each ace on it’s own too… (ww, orca, kria)

it seems you already had quite some inspiration to build your rack, the monome will definitely help to make it more awesome… I’d say, go for it :smiling_imp:

re: rene… I guess it would be a good exercise to mimic it… but its strength lies in the hands-on approach I guess… teletype on the other side has just one knob, but can be whatever you can imagine how to convert triggers or gates to cv’s and other triggers… and remote control the trilogy modules is extremely awesome too. very recommended!