Isms bus utility module question

On my isms utility 1u bar the right bus stopped working as an input. I can send signals from the left jacks to the right and all the leds work… but if I try to put a signal in the right the signal doesn’t go.

I’m I losing it? I figured there was a physical wire between the corresponding jacks and the LEDs just responded to the signal going across it.

How could I have broken it? I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.

How can I fix it?

This is expected behaviour. The right bus inputs are directly connected to the left inputs. However, the left jacks are normalled to ground. I don’t remember why we did this, and in hindsight it seems like we shouldn’t have.

So you haven’t broken it, it’s just always done this (slightly strange) thing.


Hmmm so maybe I am losing it.

I even checked the manual to see if it only ever went the one way. And it says “signals can be passed between either end of isms”

Ohhhhhh… I just realized that after the lights didn’t turn on I just gave up on the circuit… connecting the left jack to a destination completes it and it now works like I remember… I feel silly.

Thank your for your help!

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