Isms is here



Really nice. LFO and VCAs are a really nice touch. One day maybe… :smile:

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nice work


This may be a silly question, but the rca send/return will work with other equipment, right?

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20 characters makes it hard to simply write: speechless

Beautiful. Really nice to see cases aimed at curation rather than accumulation of modules.

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Oh man, this is gorgeous. $1100 is a hefty price tag though. On the fence.

Will it be possible to buy the “perfectly fitting flight case” independently of a full system?

interesting thought but…how did you arrive at that?

Looks amazing, do you anticipate the noise floor to be as high as it is in this video or is something else going on? Seems pretty noisy to me to be honest.

indeed… was thinking exactly the same and didn’t have the courage to say it out loud :confused:

very nice product nevertheless, congrats!

Are the outputs transformer based like the RIP?

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I can only imagine what Mannequins has planned for next year. Excellent idea and a great way for beginners to get into modular. Hope the row is sold separately.

A few quick notes:

The RCAs are specific to a spring tank (high power driver & make up stage). The output mixer has interesting stereo capability which would allow you to run one side as a line-level FX send, and return into the audio input section.

Flight case is particular to the full system.

Outputs are opamp, not transformer based, in order to keep the price down somewhat.

We’re excited to share the details for the full system very soon!


throw us a bone and let’s see the just friends panel at least :wink:


actually the noise floor is great. there is white noise going into the fm input of the main osc, and the hihat noise is also from the top row with a bit of bias so it is directly in the mix.

it’s just that i’ve never had access to noise in modular, so you will be hearing more of it i am sure, ie, i rarely use a juno without noise. uh. @dspk might appreciate it? more tour-ish vids coming, will do some clean takes for y’all


Flight case is particular to the full system.

Bummer, I already have a few monome modules, so wasn’t necessarily interested in the full system. But portability is a must for my systems, so I wouldn’t want this without the flight case.

Quick back of the envelope math:

If the full system shipped with the modules demoed:

  • isms : $1100
  • white whale: $280
  • meadowphysics: $260
  • earthsea: $320
  • teletype: $480
  • walk: $140
  • cold mac: $197
  • 3 sisters: $313
  • mangrove x2: $284 x2 = 568
  • rip: $232
  • just friends: not announced, let’s say $300
  • flight case: not announced, let’s say $200

So that puts us at $4390. Let’s say it’ll get rounded to $4000? Ooof. That’s one nice chunk of cash.
If a monome grid is included, I guess that’d make it more like $5000.

(I probably made mistakes and tons of wrong assumptions)

A make noise shared system w/ cv bus is currently $3695, so somewhere in the $4000-5000 seems reasonable and competitive considering what you get.

That totally makes sense. But I’m still a little sad. The RIP is hands down the best gear purchase I made this year.


What do you like about RIPS, above, say, an Xaoc Sewastopol? It seems just so barebones.

Just that I like the sound of the transformers. Plus it’s passive bi-directional. Been reamping everything out of the computer through it lately.