Isms is here


Maximum depth for Eurorack modules is 80mm. Done :slight_smile:


I had a Move 104 and it worked perfect for me. That plus a mini isms would be ideal. I did have some crazy patching going on, but I had plenty of cables and it was never an issue. But last year I decided to give up my cushy office job to move to California and pursue a career as an audio engineer/producer so I had to sell my modular rig to fund the move/change in career :frowning: Once I’m making decent money again I plan on diving back in to the modular world and get v2. Still have my Voyager and Minilogue though, they are holding me over for now. Also Reaktor Blocks has been fun, though not as satisfying as hands on modular.


Another suggestion, especially if you are going for some portability with 60hp. Please include a lid. Doesn’t even matter what it looks like or if it can patch closed, but please, I’m begging for a lid!



Since my cases end up having ADAT and power and USB cables permanently attached, I can’t really close the lid my case came with, so I end up draping dust covers over everything. Kinda hacky. Would be nice if there was a way to close the lid while patched, and route “permanent” connections out of some kind of port. Doesn’t have to be isms, maybe I’m just thinking out loud about a DIY case in my future…


I got the DU case soon after it came out. I love it aesthetically and it fits perfectly in a Moog Sub Phatty gig bag, so I carry it around pretty easily. I will say there’s one minor disappointment in that one of the metal ends got bent in a little in shipping and I lost half an HP, but it’s not a deal killer. Also worth keeping in mind is having a single-board module over the power on the left-hand side. I enjoy how shallow it lays though and it makes it easy to stand up.


Any update on an isms 2.0? I find myself in need!


Seconded! 20 characters


I am also I need of a new case and kinda been holding out a while in the hope the new isms would be released.


Forgive me if this is a dumb question or belongs somewhere else, but @tehn / @Galapagoose: is any of the -isms project open source?

The various ideas I have had to put together a utility row for a compact DIY case I’m working on (6Ux64hp + utility row) would be basically a stripped down version of the -isms row, and so I thought I’d see if any of that was shared before I start cobbling things together. In particular, I’m intrigued by the multimode gate and learning from how -isms deals with power distribution, since it seems like the most graceful solution I’ve seen in that regard.

At this point, my idea would be to adapt -isms or similar elements into a smaller format that would be compatible with a low-profile, low-cost DIY case that would be adapted from Nonlinear Circuits DIY laser case designs. It’d be useful to myself, and if mine were successful, I think also to others who are interested in a somewhat ambitious DIY project.

Thanks in advance! Even just tips on the power and gate sections would be helpful, as I’ve researched a bit and haven’t come across any designs for either of those elements that seem as refined :pray:


The files are a bit of a mess & we haven’t spoken about open-source status. Too many other things on the plate right now.

Regarding the Gate sections they’re just Buchla 292 lowpass gates, in VCA and ‘both’ modes. The ‘LPD’ mode runs the signal through a sinewave shaper much like that in the Thomas Henry VCO-1. Switching is done by CD4053 & we used VTL5C3/2 vactrols. Nothing particularly fancy.

Power distro is done on a 2nd pcb vertically underneath the utility pcb. It uses a star ground pattern so all the headers are somewhat isolated from one another. We just used off-the-shelf converter ‘modules’ (switch mode) that only need a few passives as we realized at some point neither of us wanted to spend 30 more hours looking at voltage regulator datasheets. I think we got to a good place with the PSU design, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a gold-standard. It is sufficient & quiet.

Maybe this helps?


@Galapagoose this is super helpful! If you ever decide to share files that’d be awesome, but this already covers the main questions I had. Sounds simple and straightforward, which is what I was hoping for. Thanks!