Isms shipping and final preorder

isms parts are nearly all here. we have tested working built units.

if you haven’t check out the new (as of dec 1) video and manual at

shipping begins tuesday the 15th. we expect to ship all pre-orders in one day (unless a ton more orders roll in).

thank you to everyone who pre-ordered. this really helped make the project happen.

tomorrow the pre-order will end-- pricing will go up to $1280. if you’d like to reserve an isms, head over to and thanks.


Had to struggle to not order…

E x c i t e m e n t !

yeah… looks like it will be a very playable instrument.

a huge build day, but waiting for the spring reverb tanks to arrive-- UPS says any minute. but this means we’re going to miss the ship cutoff, so these will be going out first thing tomorrow. thank you for your patience all!

i only got distracted once today playing while testing-- takes much willpower indeed.


what part of the country will these be shipping from? i’m heading out of town next wednesday, just want to be sure i’ll be around to receive this before i take off.


this is a good point-- send me an e-mail

ah okay, i live out on long island so i don’t think it’ll be a problem. thanks!

Wait, does this mean that reverb is included in Isms ??

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Hahaha, i earned ‘first quote’ for the post above !

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yes, medium spring tank is included.

Damn. This could have make me change my mind on the last day of preorder.
I thought it was supposed to be used with an external tank.

I really think this is unclear in the Isms description page.

it is used with an external tank. they just include a medium one.

The piece of packing foam that comes in reverb tank is great as a spring damper. Maybe don’t throw it in the thrash while unpacking like I did.

Loving Isms, it seems greater than the sum of it’s parts. I’m feeling more focused already. Thank you Monome and Mannequins!


two cold macs … nice. i considered getting a second so one can handle audio and the other can handle cv exclusively.

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I kept running into reasons for wanting a second, then I found one used, couldn’t resist.

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My isms came on friday, it’s a busy time of year so I’ve not gotten as much time as I’d have liked with it. This is my first time w/ modular so I don’t exactly have a reference point for how much I like it, except that I really really like it.

Thank you monome and mannequins for the hard work on these

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Busy times indeed. Today I was finally able to set some time aside to mount the modules while our daughter set up the tree… Had a first test test ride later this evening, finally being able to do the TT studies for real. What can I say – wow! First time Eurorack feels like a self-contained instrument to me. Thanks to Monome and Mannequins for creating this!

Please pardon the kitschy pic, couldn’t resist. Happy holiday season to everyone!


Can you do a rundown of the modules you’ve got loaded up? I can pick out most of them, but my olde eyes suffer so when I squint. :smile:

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