Isms spring tile distortion (and other uses?)

I am wondering if my isms spring tank driver tile is working correctly – with an unattenuated signal from mangrove at the input, as I turn it past halfway I start getting distortion. It gets worse as I continue to full wet. I get better sound if I attenuate the signal first, but I really don’t want to have to tie up an attenuator for that purpose alone. Is this similar to other users experiences, and do you have a workaround?

I am also wondering if the tile can be used with other euro modules or external FX units? I am not entirely sure what the following means, if anyone can elaborate further.

Other creative uses for the spring tile? Please share!

spring reverb is always going to get very noisy with high harmonic content waveforms. try sine waves and lots of attenuation.

Stick CV through it. In fact stick CV through any (nominally) audio effects. It can often elicit interesting results.

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Set up slow moving controlled feedback loops into the spring input. Delicious.