Isomorphic Sequencer for monome norns and grid.

ISOSEQ is 16 step, 16 page/measure sequencer laid out in an isomorphic pattern. It uses the Passersby sound engine. All pages have the same set of scales. Each row follows the Chromatic scale (12-note, half-tone Western). Each row is a Perfect 4th apart, starting at the bottom. The grid row closest to the player has the lowest pitches and the row furthest from the player has the highest pitches.

ISOSEQ has 3 modes: pause, seq on, and edit. In edit mode, the player can either edit a sequence on the displayed page, or s/he can play the notes in real time.

Pattern and page params can be saved and reloaded.


norns (v2.0)
grid 128


docs located here


v1.0.0 - download link


Updated for requirements of norns v2.

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I git clone’d the isoseq repo and I end up with


and the select menu shows ISOSEQ/ISOSEQ

I don’t think it’s a huge problem, but it might be a touch cleaner to just have all the files in the main repo directory instead of in a sub-directory?


I set it up like this when I had trouble getting specific details on whether or not I would have to include engine libraries in an internal /lib folder. I’ll make a change to the repo.

EDIT: I reworked the repo structure for both ISOSEQ and Strum. Thanks.

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Congrats on the app, really enjoying it!

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hello @carvingcode
i would like to make isoseq the sequencer for my the Gendr/gendy patch i am shepherding. Is that ok?

Yessir. (and more characters)

a little test with the neotrellis rgb grid and the diy arc

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