Issue - 64 loosing connectivity / freezing


I’m having a consistent problem with my monome 64 (Jan 09 edition), in which the device seems to freeze and become unresponsive. By freeze I mean, the LED’s remain lit, but the device does not receive new messages from the laptop, nor is the laptop responsive to receive any button presses on the device.

This is a common occurrence and seems to be happening randomly, usually after 5 to 10 minutes of running an app, so far I’ve also been unable to intentionally reproduce the issue. I’ve had it occur when using different apps such as Pages, MarkEatsSequencer, various patches in Max 7. Unplugging and replugging the device is sometimes enough to bring it back to life, but sometimes I need to restart the app too, or on occasion, the computer.

I’ve tried suggested fixes for similar issues on the forums, such as re-installing serialosc, running terminal to remove old FTDI drivers, and re-downloading the FTDI driver. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have made any difference.

I’m seeing serialosc in the activity monitor, and I’m seeing my device string when running the terminal command ‘ls -lrt /dev’

On one occasion, when running myr’s ‘Monome Home’ patch, I noticed that the device disappeared from the app when the freeze occoured.

I haven’t given the device much use in the last few years, to the extent that connecting via serialosc is new to me. I’m presuming it’s likely to be an issue with that, or my version of OSX, rather than a hardware issue with the device.

I’m on a 2014 edition Macbook Pro, running OSX 10.11.6.

Would greatly appreciate any help or tips anyone can give me in troubleshooting this.


For anyone experiencing similar issues, looks like I’ve resolved this now (touch wood) by removing the non-apple FTDI driver. As detailed through this thread

To get it to work I had to get rid of the all the files associated with the FTDI driver, I had missed some pkg files the first time, instructions via here

Seems to be working great now.