Issue logging in with Google on Mobile

Hey folks,

I’m trying to log in to my account on a mobile device (iOS) and I can neither get the site to send me a password reset email nor accept a login with my Google account - it says “Unable to verify authorization token due to server clock differences. Please try again.” but I’ve tried several times across several days.

The password reset emails never arrive - and since I created my account with Google, I don’t have a password I can use for direct email login.

What to do?

our discourse & server logs don’t indicate any email issues on our side. server load average is a little high at the moment, but haven’t seen clock drift. replied via PM; we’ll see about getting this thing sorted.

I had this once but was able to reset my password on another device and then could login with that from my phone

The problem is that I cannot reset my password from any device… since it requires me to receive the password reset email, and that is not showing up in my inbox, my junk mail, or anywhere else…

I am having the same problem on my Macbook. In Chrome and Safari, I get the ‘Unable to verify authorization token due to server clock differences’ message when using the Google button to log in.

I’ve emptied the cache and tried a hard reload in Chrome. When I use an incognito window, I’m taken through my usual Google login process with 2FA, but when it takes me back to Lines I get the same error message.

I can still access the site on my work Windows laptop, perhaps because I’m already logged in there. I’m reluctant to try logging out in Windows unless I have the same problem.

However, I just tried an Incongito Chrome window in Windows, and I had the same result as on my Mac - no access, with the server clock error message.

I’m trying to log in from the UK, and I’m not experiencing any other problems with logging into Google or using Google to authenticate sites.

Is there any other info I can provide that might help? Or is there a way I can turn my existing account into a ‘local’ one and remove the Google authentication?

Many thanks.

Yes, I’d like to turn my account into a “local” one too. This problem has not resolved itself for me and I’m still locked out of my account on my iOS device.

I should add that, like studiodc, I can request a password reset from the sign-in form, but nothing comes through - presumably because there is no password, as we’re just authenticating via Google.

I also just checked using Safari on my iPhone, and I have the same problem there - so as far as I can tell, if the Windows session I’m currently using is ever signed out, my access is gone.

Hi - just an update to say I received a password reset email yesterday, and am now able to log in without using my Google account on my mac. I’m pretty sure I didn’t request a password reset yesterday, so if someone on the admin team has sorted this on my behalf, many thanks!

I’m suddenly able to log in too, things are looking up!

i manually generated the password reset emails for both of you. i’d generated them a few times for you before now, and verified our server had indeed sent those emails during previous login recovery attempts (no bounces or rejects logged), but somehow they hadn’t arrived in your inboxes until now. glad to know they finally went through.

if there are any lingering login issues or additional requests, please send me a PM to get things sorted.

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I’ve been having the same issue as well. I am logged in on my phone so that has been fine but always get the clock difference error when trying to login from anywhere else. I’ve just neen copying posts and links from my laptop to my phone to post.

seems like maybe the server is using a different ntp server or something that is off from google’s. strange error.

also using a Google account but wouldn’t mind switching to a local account anyhow.

here is a screenshot from my phone using a different browser.

It’s fixed! thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Many thanks for this. On closer inspection, I do have an email in my spam folder from 24 March - apologies for not spotting this at the time. I’m sure I set up the lines domain as a non-spam sender, but I’ll double-check that. I did check in spam after requesting, but possibly before the email had been sent, if they’re created manually…

For the record, I have never once received a password reset email, not even the manual ones sent by @ioflow. And I’m on a gmail domain, so my filtering should not be any different from anyone else’s, as I have not customized it at all.

My login attempt just happened to succeed one day.

This was happening with my original account that I don’t think I ever posted from (this has been such a wonderful resource, but I’d like to engage now!), so I thought I would try creating a new one and overcame the “server clock differences” issue (barely, I was given the message but allowed to login. I have tried from multiple devices using multiple browsers and seem to get the same result every time. In any case, if admin would like to delete username ‘technicoloraudio’, I won’t be upset, although I would like to direct email notifications back to my personal email…

i’ve implemented some fixes for the server clock differences issues that folks have been having.

in short, they involved getting our server’s clock properly synced over the network to ensure accurate correction of any clock drift. for awhile today, our server clock was as much as 15-45 seconds off, and google authenticator is very sensitive. it can fail if the time difference between the user’s client device and the discourse server is off by even one second.

there’s still a bit more cleanup to do on our server side, but as of now, at least, our clock is accurate. services are running to periodically correct any clock drift.

please let us know if you encounter any more server clock differences errors. thanks as always for your patience, folks! we’re always working to keep things running smoothly.