ISSUE: Norns Shield dead / won't startup. not connected to matron


I have a Norns Shield with a 3A 5V Raspberry Pi power adapter. After a session just now I wanted to reboot my Norns Shield and took it to sleep through the menu. I waited until the green lamp stopped blinking and pulled the power.

After some minutes I tried to boot it again but it wont start. Power indicator is shining red but boot screen won’t show, there is no boot sound and in maiden it’s not connected to matron.

What has happened and what can I do to fix my Norns Shield?

@mikbom , glad to see things worked out! for future travelers, and so we can improve documentation, how did this resolve?

@dan_derks I was a bit too fast with the post and didn’t look through the documentation on monome/docs before I created this topic.

There’s a specific chapter for my issue in monome/docs norns shield boot troubleshooting that I didn’t read. I’m through it now but my norns didn’t pass the first solution so I will have to try the next one.


In the end it was the Raspberry Pi that was fried. I got the Raspberry Pi changed and now everything works just fine.

Note: if LED on Raspberry Pi only indicates a steady glow of one color, the Raspberry Pi is most probably fried.