Issue with 0-Coast MIDI Learn/MIDI B Channel

Hi! I’ve had an 0-coast for a while but it just recently led me into the world of modular, and last night I sat down to try to use it as MIDI-CV converter for my Braids. I followed all of the directions (both the manual and the easier-to-follow youtube video), but couldn’t get it to send voltage through the MIDI B channel. Here’s what’s happening:

  • I scroll through the program pages to 4 to make sure it’s on “note” mode.
  • I exit and scroll through the program pages to the Midi Learn page.
  • I select Midi B.
  • I play notes through the my intended B channel in Ableton.
  • The MIDI B red light on the 0-Coast flashes when the notes play in Ableton (ostensibly indicating that it is receiving the MIDI notes), but no CV or gate outputs reach my synth.

No matter what I tried (setting up channel 1 first, setting it up second, using different channel numbers in Ableton, using the other port on my MIDI interface) The Braids and Maths (for envelopes) weren’t receiving any signal. I went through the program page process about ten times, then decided to try patching midi B to the 1v/oct and envelope gate inputs within the 0-Coast as a double check, and still nothing. I fiddled with this for like 45 minutes before deciding to just use my SQ-1 for the night.

Is it a faulty 0-Coast? Am I missing something? I forwarded this stuff to MN’s technical staff, but figured I’d post it here to see if anyone else had similar issues.

That happened to me a while back. Make sure that you save the page after you’ve configured midi b to be “Note” on Gate and CV. If I remember correctly, that means no lights on pgm B. Verify that the settings remain after you get out of those configuration pages. Then teach channel B midi again.

Hopefully that works.

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