Issue with my k2 and k3

Hey guys
lately im experiencing an frustrating issue:
my k2 and k3 stop working, and the only thing i can do is press the reset button on the back.
Not sure if is a software or hardware problem and curious if anyone can help me.

Thanks in advance!

Federico / OORA

Do you have more information about what script you are using when this happens? Does your norns respond to the 3 button hold reset rather than the power interrupt little button? Can you reset from maiden?

These might help point you in a direction to rectify your issue.

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hi! it happened with multiple scripts (i mainly use cheat code, mangl , reels ).
When happened i tried the 3 button with no luck.

thanks for helping!

to clarify, are you saying that K1 and the encoders work, and the script continues? are you able to see any errors in maiden?

Yes the encoders and k1 would work.
Never connected to maiden when that happened.

Now its been a week without any issue, so im uncertain what would be the issue.