Issues with a Focusrite Saffire 18i20, any help would be awesome

Hey there everyone, I am looking for some help with getting this working how it should (I might be TOTALLY WRONG in that regard).


I’ve been using this as my Audio Interface for a bit now, just recording the Stereo Signal from my Modular (isms).

Today, I decided I was gonna get back to multitracking some stuff after updating my 0-coast to the new firmware, this caused me no end of trouble.

Basically, even though the Manual mentions selecting the ASIO Drivers, I am completely unable to find said ASIO Drivers. This means that in Ableton, I have to select the MME/DirectX option, so I am limited to a single Stereo Input and Output.

For an interface that is called an “18i20”, this seems more than a little shite.

I have contacted Focusrite but I am posting this here to see if, basically, I have missed something very obvious that one of you lovely fellows may be able to help me with.

TL;DR - How do I get all the Inputs and Outputs available in my DAW with this interface.

I am using Windows 10 64-Bit & Ableton 9.7.1

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IIRC Focusrite has one ASIO installer for Windows.

Here’s a link I found [] that seems to support that.

lmk how it turns out

would it be more than a little inappropriate to declare some form of undying love and honour debt to you?

That was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you very much my friend.

Gonna go and set up a DAW Template now.

Not inappropriate, but I’d rather you just pay it forward :grin:

We’ve all been there and chances are somebody else isn’t far behind.

I’ve always had really good customer support from Focusrite. i’m sure they’d have got back to you as well.