Issues with setlist in mlr-v

Hello all

My latest hitch with mlrv - they’re getting less frequent!

Max 5 & mlrv 2.4, OSX 10.10.3

When I open a set, the presets I have created and ordered in the setlist page do not show up in the list anymore, but are present in the memory, i.e. I can move backwards and forwards between the presets in the correct order, and I can open the setlist window, select presets and insert them in slots in the setlist anew, but on saving, closing and loading the set, the setlist itself is always empty. It should be populated with all the presets in the set, yes?

hi timh! if you’re using OSX 10 you should try this new version optimized for Yosemite and max 7.

but i have the same problem with mlrv 2.4, max 5 or 6 and 10.8.5…

The setlist is not saved in the preset file as i always envisaged it as something that had to be reconsidered each time the software was opened. Each show I played with this software I’d configure the setlist shortly before starting my set to ensure that I was tailoring each set to the environment / crowd.

Of course it would be nice to practice a given setlist at home and then auto-load exactly that at a show, however I am a creature of habit (read: lazy person) and if the functionality was there I would play the same set every night. I guess I see it as doing things the hard way to keep myself honest.



The thing is that the set list is saved, it’s just not visible. You can load the preset, turn on set list, see no presets listed, but in fact move backwards and forwards between the presets that should be visible there, and in the correct order, using the arrow keys.