It Feels Great But the Planet Is Dying - Benjamin Mauch

Out today is my newest release with @mdpick88 called “It Feels Great But the Planet Is Dying” on Flag Day Recordings. The music is melancholic, meditative, and darkly reflective of the impacts of climate change. Micah and I created our own xenharmonic (microtonal) tunings for the album using Scala and an Ornament and Crime. I also used the Teletype/ Just Friends combo to write one track, defining the ratios of the intervals that way. We used modular synths and field recordings to create the sounds, and granular synthesis plays a large part in it. It is heavily inspired by visionaries such as Éliane Radigue, Sarah Davachi, Terry Riley, and Sevish. Would love to hear any and all of your thoughts on the album. Check it out here:


congrats on the new release man!

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