It's A Lot by Scott Burton

Today I’m releasing a new longer track called It’s A Lot. The title can refer to many things, the weight of a global pandemic, the weight of systemic racism in my country, or something lighter and more simple like the amount of notes per minute in this song. I’ve had a hard time focusing on music and even just putting this out feels weird, but it’s also asking myself what I do, what I can do, and how can I make some sort of positive contribution.

This song came about after @Galapagoose’s MAPS session about using crow to sequence Just Friends over ii2c. I took the script, modified it, added some LFOs to the outputs and at some point got so inspired that I picked up the guitar and improvised on top of it. The song is made up of different 3 takes of this all mixed together with different notes and LFO times throughout. Taking small steps in writing and modifying scripts with crow has been so inspiring. I can’t wait to mess around with the new input modes, and more importantly make more music.


Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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