J Butler - Found

Really happy to finally share what I’ve been working on for the past several months. Preview and preorder are available now for my new album, ‘Found’. Limited edition of 50 tapes and digital download. Releases this Friday.

Mastering by Taylor Deupree, who really brought out some of the hidden details and did a tremendous job. Design by my talented wife, Rosalie.

Recorded May-July 2018 and created with guitar, delay pedal, and modular synthesizer. For you lines members who are interested, the primary voices on this album are 2 Mangroves and 2 guitar loops. It explores a process of creating loops, then reprocessing them.

Hope you all enjoy. :slight_smile:

Review by Toneshift:


that first track is great, so many pleasing sounds…looking forward to the rest!

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Reviving this thread to announce that downloads on my Bandcamp, including this album, are ‘name your price’ until 2020. Cheers!


fkn love this one - it was about time i picked it up properly, thanks !


Thanks for the name your price offer!

By any chance are you on Apple Music? If not I’ll be happy to use bandcamp, but Apple Music is super convenient…

Sounds great as I start to listen!!!

Happy season!

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Glad you’re enjoying the sounds. It’s exclusively on Bandcamp, my favorite platform. Their mobile app works pretty well - I use it to listen to my collection on the go if I haven’t loaded something onto my phone.

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One more day for the ‘name your price’ option as we finish up 2019 (includes my other releases too). Thanks again to all of you who have been enjoying ‘Found’.

Just nabbed a cassette… sounds lovely and makes me miss my mangrove :blush:

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