Jack and Jill (Generative midi)

Was reading some articles on Generative music and this popped up
“Jack & Jill: MIDI Music Improvisor & Generative Sequencer” @nebsp https://medium.com/@nebsp/jack-jill-midi-music-improvisor-generative-sequencer-e544d7c740fc

Got me thinking this would make a pretty cool module, especially if one could address Jack and Jill’s parameters with CV.

I think I may have found my summer project!

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wow! very cool. it’s easy to imagine a few mods that would make this more useful in a CV environment, but it’s not like i have any idea how to make them happen.

I have no idea either. But would really like to learn.

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Is is open source? I didn’t see information about that but maybe I missed it

I have emailed the designer. He doesn’t plan on selling them, so I asked if he would consider open source. Would be neat if he did. I’ll report back when he gets back to me.

It is a concept I would like to try. (Does mean a lot of learning on my part, but I’m pretty keen on developing my DIY beyond soldering).

For MIDI, I can’t help but think “this would be so much easier with no hardware at all, do it in software!”

For CV, I can’t help but think “this seems like a pretty brief teletype script!”

Am I off base?


I was kinda thinking about teletype, but not owning one is a bit of a stumbling block :grinning:

i’d be equally (if not more) interested in a software plugin that does the same thing!


this seems to do something pretty similar!


It’s just, if you place any value on your time, buying a teletype is probably the cheaper solution.

Yeah, that’s a really fun one.

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If you end up getting Patter, interested to hear what you think about it!