Jala - random sequencer for ambient soundscapes

Try to install the newest version (0.0.5) Midi channel shows up in the params menu

I found a possiblity where this might happen and pushed a fix. Would appreciate it if you gave it another go and try to trigger the error again?

I’ll give it go later today. Thanks!

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Thank you so much. Works grand. Not on maiden yet but got from github. If you are ever in LA I will buy you a beer. :grinning:

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Oh thank you! I really appreciate that! I give you a heads up if a visit to LA is ever in the cards :slight_smile:

Sorry but new issue. There may be something askew with your midi note off. I have a Disting Ex and was having issues with some scripts where midi notes were going in but no sound coming out. I had this issue with Jala and Flora, but not with Awake. Someone pointed this out on the Flora thread as a midi note off issue and it has been fixed and Flora now works great with my Ex but on Jala I get maybe two notes and these it stick – seems like the same midi note off issue.

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Alright, will look into that! :+1:

Really enjoying this. Is there a way to change bpm?


Glad to hear that :blush:it uses the regular norns clock, you can change bpm and clock source in the params menu :+1:

I have a little demo again. This is just Jala running on its own for 3 minutes. Output was PolyPerc + Arturia Microfreak on Midi. Little postprocessing (reverb, saturation) in Bitwig.

Youtube Video


This is a fantastic script! Thank you for writing it.

I have one, hopefully small, request. I know that you can change the BPM in the overall parameters menu, but is is possible to add BPM to the option shortcut list accessible with E2? This would be very useful (to me) :grinning:.

Thank you so much Brett :pray:

I will look into that, should not be a big problem i guess :+1:

Thank you very much!!

Hi Brett, just pushed version 0.0.7

Please try it out :slight_smile:

Wow - thank you! With work (and life :grinning:), I probably won’t have a chance to try this until the weekend, but very much appreciate you doing this so quickly! I will report back as soon as I can.

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You are welcome, don’t sweat it, thanks to the elegance of the norns system, it was a trivial one-line fix :sweat_smile::grin: