Jamie Drouin - A Summary of Failures

Jamie Drouin - A Summary of Failures
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There are some projects which defy completion, which seem to languish in sporadic starts and sudden stops. Such is the evolution of this album, which began in early 2019, and was subsequently disassembled and reshaped numerous times, before being utterly forgotten inside an unhelpfully named folder.

This convoluted process was apparently necessary, it allowed me to detach my original intentions from the work, and to discover it like an artifact in an archeological excavation. Time has altered and pitted the surfaces, shifted the forms, and allowed me the opportunity to embrace my failures.

Composed on a very small Buchla, an absurdly small guitar, and an infinitely smaller collection of marbles, sticks, and wires. For those of the musique concrete and abstract contemporary music-curious.



Big fan of your work, as you know, Jamie! :raised_hands:


Very kind of you, Donnacha!

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very interesting, will listen to the whole album when I can

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Going to relax and listen to this on my new (old) comfy studio chair.


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Sounds like the ideal way to listen to this album, and thank you!

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