Jamie Drouin - Fusiform

Fusiform might be of interest for those ears tipped towards the avant-garde side of analogue synthesis.

The album features eight compositions for Buchla and magnetic tape, incorporating an AKAI GX-260D reel-to-reel to extend the fabric of recorded tones by speeding up or slowing down the motor. This model only has two running speeds, but it is enough to allow me to pull apart a waveform like a Slinky, revealing additional timbres, or to compress an already fast moving series of pulses into a singular, unstable tone.

Another technique used on two pieces on Fusiform was exploiting the external input amplifier on the 208, using a piezoelectric transducer to both add external gestural sounds and to convert those into control voltage for modifying the synthesis. Fusiform #5 is the most obvious example of this. The subtle metallic sounds, and singular percussive strikes, are from a saucepan lid and wooden spoon amplified through the 208 and the spring reverb. You also hear the significantly slower, cyclic pattern of those sounds they play back at half-speed on the reel-to-reel. Fusiform #6 uses a similar technique in brief places. Otherwise, the remainder of the album is derived from the on-board oscillators and noise sources.