Jamuary 2022

Jamuary 2022 I’m ready for it!!

Jamuary is a “challenge” to post a short jam on social media e.g. Instagram, Twitter on #jamuary every single day of January. I think it was started by Cuckoo. Loads of people participating, I love the spontaneity and rawness. Let’s share links below like last time.


Yes! Thanks for starting this thread. I participated sporadically last year, but it was so great to see so many people making cool things and sharing!!!


I’d love to have a go this year, I feel much more prepared.


Thank’s for the reminder. I’ll probably join in too. Or rather, of course I will! At least the first three weeks before there’ll be too much on my schedule.

I have a strange relationship to these kinds of challenges. Initially, I’m very optimistic, positive and productive. After a few days/weeks I’m getting overly negative and critical, thinking “what’s the point” – and so I quit. Time goes by. When I listen back to these challenges half a year later – it’s as if I’m hearing something somebody else has made. And then, I actually find some really cool. They might even be the best thing I’ve achieved all year.

There’s something about working so fast you have no recollection of how you did it. I should think about this. How to make the most of it, and how to keep my inner critic on prolonged Christmas vacation. To play is key, I believe.


Literally the only way I’m able to work a lot of the time, and a big reason I got into modular. It’s a really fun way to be but it definitely has its frustrations. I often feel like I’m at the mercy of my own whimsy.

Totally! It can be such a jarring experience to listen to something you can’t remember making even though you know you did.

I don’t know how much time I’ll really have but I’m excited to try and really lean into these tendencies this January!


Last Jamuary was early days in my musical life, and i wasn’t holding back. I’m not going to hold back this year either – it’s so liberating to be in “idiot mode” and just do whatever, from the starting point that I have nothing to lose :clown_face: I agree, listening back to them later is a surprise and a delight.

Getting carried away making videos was fun too tho music/sounds is the key for myself.

Excited :laughing:


I’m considering doing this. For those of you who have done this before, do you have any advice? I’m in a bunch of projects with other people, and have a consuming day job, so this would be about making a push on solo stuff.

Constraints are good, and so are time constraints. If twenty minutes is what you can spare, that’s fine. There’s something liberating about that. It frees you from having to come up with something great - “I only had 20 minutes, so it is what it is”. I’ve also found it helpful to focus on one specfic tool, or very few. That way, Jamuary also becomes a chance to get acquainted with some instrument/piece you have neglected.


I did Jamuary 2021 daily, and although the majority of my recordings were super rewarding, there were moments when it nearly broke me. The schedule did push me to learn my equipment deeper and try new things to keep the “feed” fresh and varied.

But, there were definitely days when I felt truly uninspired, or tight on time, and I had to challenge my expectations of what I would be happy to share. I often had to take an objective stance to overcome any self-criticism and put something out that I would be happy with. Ironically, a lot of mediocre works (in my mind) were surprisingly well-received by followers and peers.

I’m not sure I’d want to go through those levels punishment again, especially as art and music is my escape. It was an exercise of endurance and study - I’m super pleased to have accomplished it, but I’ve also written one Masters thesis and I’d never want to write another one again.

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I agree, and I share the experience. But I prefer seeing it as a recurring challenge, like fasting.

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I did lose weight as well! :wink:

For anyone up for it, I would totally endorse the challenge. Like I said, I came away with new skills and a few keeper tracks. I’m just happy to remove the daily constraints from what is already a difficult and busy month for most of us.

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I found Jamuary intense last year! Every single day I think I managed to achieve something new and almost all the pieces I made I still like except for maybe 3 or 4.

I found myself thinking about it from the moment I woke up, but finding time to record, film and edit something in an evening was hectic.

I’m going to do it this year, but maybe with a more specific, limited setup and with the aim of an EP at the end of it. So MAYBE working on a piece over a few days.

Looking forward to it!


I’d say it’s totally legit to NOT do them for however many days! The purpose is to have fun and be creative and share - if it begins to feel like a crushing obligation, it’s ok to take a break.

What helped me was keeping ost of mine under a minute long - that’s a good, doable constraint. And, these are “jams” after all.

You may also want to keep a very casual list of things you wanted to try/learn/experiment with. It might make things feel less stressful the day of.

One thing I wish I had done (and am hoping to do this year) is to keep my gear set up and ready to go as fast as possible.


I have a rack laid out in ModularGrid. I want to try, but I need to get a lot of ducks in a row to get myself in a place where I can do it, but I want to do it.


Planning to have a go this year. It is perhaps a compromise, but my goal will be sharing something each day, rather than necessarily making something each day. The plan is still to create daily, but if a particularly fruitful session yields two bits of music then there’s a buffer for when life gets in the way.


I have done Jamuary in the past and absolutely loved it. It can be a lot of work putting something out every day, but a huge benefit of it for me was understanding what it looked and felt like to put creative productivity as top priority for a whole month. It isn’t sustainable, but it’s amazing to see what you can do when you shift priorities.

I’ll likely do it again this year but will probably not hold myself to it as rigidly as I have in the past. The focus on output was nice, but I felt a lot more self-imposed anxiety/pressure than was always ideal. I like @danbond 's idea of aiming for an EP at the end, producing a more fleshed out piece every few days instead of a quick idea daily. Might go with something like that.


It’s on people :v: see you on the hashtag


I did not manage my time wisely. Good luck to those of you who are on it! :four_leaf_clover:


This is my first time doing Jamuary and I’m kicking it off with a bit of quiet panda drum recorded into grandchild. I’m pledging to keep to two instruments for the jams all through January.


that’s really beautiful, and I love the constraint of just two instruments! Great idea

What is that “grandchild” unit?

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