Jamuary 2023

Nother koala jam.


January 25th. Iris into Valhalla Supermassive into RC-20

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Rozeta iOS MIDI → eMu Xtreme Lead → digdugDIY Purple Rain Supreme

Pocket Operator KO → Roland E4

Korg KR-Mini → Red Panda Tensor

Happy Ending Kit with percussion patch running

#Jamuary2023 Ep. 25: Arc Support for Euclidigons

Today’s jam is something else entirely. I programmed support for Monome Arc on one of my favorite scripts for Monome Norns called Euclidigons. It was a challenge as I wanted to support the LEDs on Arc to be helpful, too. In the end it worked out… only the actual jam isn’t very interesting.

The four encoders on Arc are now controlling the currently edited shape. The first encoder controls the Note, the second the Octave, the third the rotation rate, and the last the number of sides of the shape.

The note encoder is endless so you can switch octaves with it too, in fact you’ll see octaves switching on the second encoder when you do. Both of those encoders have notches and are calibrated to not be too fast or to slow to change. To avoid hitting the wrong note, you confirm your note choice with K2. You can also undo in this situation.

The rotation rate encoder is fun, it actually spins at the same speed as the actual shape on the Norns screen. It feels like there’s inertia when you modify it.


1 (sequence): Basimilus Iteritas, Valhalla Delay, Crumble, Echomelt, Lossy, Freq Split (with different instances of PCM2612), heavy Bitwig Limiter
2 (drone): Electric kalimba through Valhalla Vintage Verb, captured in Beads, through Twangstrom.
3: Electric Kalimba through Hinder, Melotus Versio, Gem Mod
4 (drone): Drone: Odessa through Natural Gate, Pitchproof, Ruina, Rift
5 (drone): Drone: Rings Blades, Mimeophon, Maul

Full mix through Wavesfactory Cassette.

(It didn’t quite go in the direction I had planned, and I cut off a bunch of material at the end that didn’t work as well.)


A modular drumming patch for January 25 —

:sparkles:pings, delays, and Elements :slight_smile:


Another spacey modular jam with a subtle dub:


3rd Week of Jan Jam:

Mostly SonicCouture Morpheus (generating melodies/rhythms from chords played into my 4 voice arpeggiator Reaktor patch I’ve been working on through Jan).

The whole Morpheus improv was then played back at 1/2 speed through my Korg tape echo and recorded back into DAW. Atlantis synth (with a bit of shimmer :sparkles:) then improvised and added over the top.

Was quite pleased with using Atlantis :ocean: in a more mellow way for this (I tend to think of it as my Aciiiid! fun synth but it is so much more flexible than that ).

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It’s Dronuary 26th.

This is Felt Instruments Helenko, Jasno, and Lekko. The video is shot in Helsinki, Finland.


This is really beautiful!

#Jamuary2023 Ep. 26: Euclidigons & E-4 with J-6

It bothered me that my yesterday’s demo of Arc support in Euclidigons didn’t really showcase it well. So I made another one, but this time in a different mood. Not so dark, more wistful. And there’s a better angle for you to look at the Arc and see what’s going on.

I’m also murmuring into the vocalizer, which this time is harmonized by the J-6 via MIDI. The audio output from E-4 goes into Norns and its reverb. No further audio processing beyond Waves L3-16 multiband mastering.

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Today I made this

JD-08, OP-Z drums, norns looping, compressor and reverb.

January 26th. This is probably the most… unusual thing I’ve done so far. Playing around with long, synced delays times and manipulating reverb size as pitch shifting.


I started my jam by using the Verbos Voltage Multistage’s ref. output as the envelope for the bass oscillator, which created a percussive pluck when patched into the Verbos Amplitude and Tone Controller’s exponential input as a low pass gate. Towards the end of the jam, I started to use the Koma Field Kit as a no-input mixer inspired by Sarah Belle Reid to create feedback for tension and textures.

Thesys driving Zebra for the plucked sounds, and Bitwig Grid on bass

back on the granulated reverb train. it’s a bit stark in contrast with the pretty much bone-dry guitar in the front, but I think I like it.


The inevitable all Mutable Instruments jam (except Planar), with VCV Rack giving me access to lots of virtual instances of modules.

1: Beads into Rings (Beads’ frozen buffer contents was also Rings). Clocking and modulation from Marbles. Beads pitch modulated by two Stages LFOs crossfaded in Planar.

2: Blades with both filters oscillating, one modulating the other’s Mode, AMd in Blinds by Stages. Pitch sequences from Marbles. Processed through two parallel instances of Clouds in VCV Rack.

3: In VCV Rack, 3x Plaits drones crossfaded in Frames, through 2x Clouds (one for mid-fi granular, one for lo-fi reverb).

4: Stages drone (hardware) through VCV Rack: LP2 and LP4 outputs of Ripples into Warps, through 2x Stages segments and Shades as lo-fi delays with feedback in stereo.

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Okay, yet more koala beats. Almost didn’t make this one.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m new to this forum! I have also been doing jamuary, and i posted some jams on my tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xaxalxe

My main music tool is LSDJ for the nintendo gameboy, but i’ve been trying to use my instruments in new ways for jamuary, and I just now started playing with orca too.

I’m excited to listen to the music you’ve been doing here!


Just a quick one yesterday - self patching marbles to vary clock rate using one of the x outputs